Gantry Plaza State Park Playground #5

I am pretty concerned that the Time Out New York's list of the 25 best playgrounds is flawed. I know that their review of Pier 6 was very wrong. But despite that we went to Gantry Playground in Long Island City. From the review it seemed like the location of this park was the only draw. The photos they used made the playground seem vast. Which for me taking two kids there solo is a little un-appealing.

But when we got there this morning we were pleasantly surprised. The playground was compact but with plenty of room to run. But with only one exit it made wrangling really easy. The review was correct the views were stunning and we even got to watch a sea plane land in the East River.

My kids really liked the Dune-esque spinning pirate skiff. Especially when I would spin it around. The park was filled with groups from local day care so there were lots of little kids to play with. We will defiantly be back when the water feature is completed.

TIP: The large buildings offer lots of shade in the morning but by noon the park is completely in the sun and there is no shade.

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