Best value ever!

This post is really for parents in the NYC area, so if you are not in the area, thanks for clicking the link.

A while ago my wife and I thought it would be a good idea to get a WCS membership. And last week we finally plunked down the $164, and I have to say so worth it. We chose the deluxe membership, but it gives us the freedom to go to one of four zoos and an aquarium for an hour or all day long.  It doesn't matter. It's great.

We had bought it at the Queens Zoo last weekend and spent a few hours exploring. The kids especially enjoyed the eagle conservation area. It was kind of hot so we didn't spend very long there. It tired them out, which is the name of the game.

This weekend we went to Coney Island and the NY Aquarium. It was great not paying for parking, since it's included in our membership. The fun started quickly as we parked in the shadow of the world famous Cyclone. I still can't believe I have never rode it. The screaming riders zoomed right by us. We explored for a bit. Belushi impressed me when we saw a sea lion swimming by us in the underground viewing area he pointed to a illustration of the sea lion and said "that". Both good use of his words and item recognition.

We saw a seal show, and it rained so after a quick snack (also discounted) we headed home. But we'll be back soon to see the 4d movie and more.

So not to be too money obsessed, but so far we have used $75 worth of zoo fees in basically one week. After ninety more dollars the pass has paid for itself. That is one trip to the Bronx Zoo. So if you can afford it, I say go for it. If you don't drive you can get the package without the free parking for a little less.

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