List of guys who can't date my daughter

Yes I know she is four. So this is for down the road. But I was in my car and some dude in a small sports car had vanity plates that read "RU 18QT". This list needs to be put in words.

1. Douches.
2. Guys who would have a custom plate like that guy.
3. Yankees fans. Mrs.Gmibp insists that Nugget doesn't care as much about the Mets as I believe she should. But there is no way in God's green earth that I can deal with her becoming a Yankee fan by proxy. Or worse have Yankee fan grandchildren.
4. Anyone with a "shocker" decal on their car. Honestly what kind of woman would go in a car with that kind of sticker on it.
5. Bikers. My daughter is not riding on the back of a motorcycle. If you have a side car that is another thing.

To be continued.

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