Guys with Kids

Don't watch this!!!
When we moved we decided not to have cable run down into our apartment. Figuring that with Netfix and Hulu on our Roku we’d be pretty covered. And for the most part we have been. The big drawback is when you don’t watch live TV you don't see commercials and previews for other shows, so when you hear about something new you have to seek it out yourself.

That is how I wasted 22 minutes of my life watching Guys with Kids. If the show wasn’t written and acted so horrifically I would be able to talk about the insulting and cliched views of dads. But the show is so poorly written and acted that you can’t talk about anything else.

I came into it hoping they would produce a comedy that showed dads in a really good light, seriously Modern Family and Glee can’t be the only shows with really strong dads on it. Bless you Jay, Phil, Cameron, Mitchell and Burt! But this show isn’t about promoting and celebrating involved dads, its about taunting incompetence and painting all dads in this light.

Basically this show is about three friends, who all live in the same building and have kids. But they seemingly have all the time in the world to go hang out. One guy is a stay at home dad to four kids, who is having a nervous breakdown because the TV is broken. There is a divorced lawyer, with joint custody of one son and this other guy who’s status of working outside of the home or not is very unclear. He has two kids.

I hate writing about this show, but it is my duty to give you fair warning. It wasn’t funny, nor was it poignant. When you watch a new show, or meet a new character that engages the viewer you remember their name. I couldn’t tell you the name of any character on the show. And I’m pretty sure no one else will either.

The only highlight is the return to TV of the two actresses who play the wives of the show. Both are most famous for being famous TV daughters, Jaime Lynn Siegler (Meadow on the Sopranos) and Tempest Bledsow (Vanessa on the Cosby Show). It was good to see them again on TV. Its ironic though that their old TV dads, in different ways, were strong and authoritative men, while their new TV husbands are weak willed boy-men.

So NBC stole 22 minutes of my life. Had I been walking with my walking group I would have burnt a couple hundred calories. Instead I chose to watch this filth. I tell you I will not be watching on Sept 26th when they are back with an all new episode.

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