It's weird

Nugget's first full day of school for the year and it's kind of weird just having the little guy with me. Yes, Nugget's first full year of real school was last year , but you get set in your ways after a summer of Nugget.

This morning was very productive, hitting the bike repair shop to try to get a new tire for our stroller. We went to the bank and pediatrician. And now we wait at my mother in laws house for the cable guy. Thor is enjoying some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, on the Disney channel. I'll admit it this show still gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

This past weekend was a good one. We had a picnic in DUMBO and despite the soggy grass we had a good time. What an amazing day it was in NYC. I think the highlight for the kids was going into the East River to wet their feet. And hair for Nugget and all his clothes for Thor.

I capped it off with watching football and taking a quick three mile walk with the guys.

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