A Week of Thanks - Day 1

This year for thanksgiving I will use this forum to give thanks to people and things that mean an awful lot to me.

At the Highline
Normally you make some sort of list like this and you leave your most important people for the end, and yes Ani comes back at the end. But she is also    going to be featured in the first installment, because today is out 11th wedding anniversary. I can't believe they let a bunch of 14-year-olds get married. What is this New York or West Virginia (no offense)?

But during these 11 years (and the five previous we were together) we have seen so many ups and downs over the years. From our wonderful vacations (Toronto, Seattle and the last Disney World trip come to mind) and the births of our two wonderful kids to deaths, unemployment, depression and re-locations, we made it through.

I know that I can be difficult, moody, surly and bunch of other adjectives that you no doubt have somewhere on your phone. But I am thankful that we try to get through it, and when we are not stressed out we have really fun times together. Solo trips to Target or eating food together in the car while Nugget and Thor does off in the back of the car, of course while blasting Flight of the Conchords. Here is to another 11 years of mostly good times, with some bad times sprinkled in to make it interesting.

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foodiechickie said...

I love you despite you being grumpus. And to another 1100 years!