A Week of Thanks - Day 2

This year for thanksgiving I will use this forum to give thanks to people and things that mean an awful lot to me.

 Since today is a school day, I would like to recognize the women who helped Nugget go from a shy little girl who barely spoke anything understandable to the outgoing little girl who always has to get a word in edgewise. So Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Valeria at Fine Communications who have worked with her over these past two years at her pace, and have made breakthrough after breakthroughs. Then Ms. Theresa at the Learning Tree  Nugget's first school. When we brought her in, she was barely understandable, but Ms.Teresa was able to give her the attention she needed and she left there better than when we first dropped her off.

And lastly all her teachers at Sacred Heart, Mrs. Colletti, Ms. Karen, Mrs. McPhilips, Ms. Jody and all the staff of the school that has really embraced our fine little girl. These teachers haven't babied her and have pushed her to be the best she can be. I remember there was once a little conflict between Nugget and another of her classmates. We wrote a note saying we were worried and much to our surprise we got one back saying that the teacher would be keeping an eye on the situation but she was "more than capable of putting XXXXXXXX in her place". That sounds like growth. I know Catholic school teachers aren't paid a lot, but they are worth their weight in gold. And I am forever grateful.

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It's pretty great watching a child blossom