A Week of Thanks - Day 3

This year for thanksgiving I will use this forum to give thanks to people and things that mean an awful lot to me.
Too on the nose?

As weird as it sounds, I am so grateful that I was let go from Disney. My last year there was torturous I know this blog is called Great Moments in Bad Parenting, it was great moments is bad management. But I won't lament that too much. Not being gainfully employed allowed me the time to do other things. I pick up Nugget from school everyday (usually on time) I take Thor to Gymboree classes and I got hooked up with the NYC Dads Group and have a really good and receptive audience for my writing.

But other than the freedom of not commuting to and from White Plains, the fact that I was able to be there for Mrs. GMIBP's dad during his final year. I drove him to doctors appointments  shuttled well wishers to and from the various hospitals. I hope decades from now, if put into a similar position I get to be driven around by someone who cares.

Yes it is still tough seeing books that I helped create in the bookstores. And even weirder seeing books I would have created  But guess what Nugget and Thor don't want to check out the adult fiction section of the book store, they like the kids section where those books live. So be it.

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GOD FORBID!!!!!!!!!