A Week of Thanks - Day 4 (yeah yeah I know)

This year for thanksgiving I will use this forum to give thanks to people and things that mean an awful lot to me.

I am going to shoot a bunch of things here so bare with me.  OK, first my friends, the Ridgewood gang (greater Ridgewood area covers Middle Village). My main group of friends have been around for decades and that makes me feel really really old. But they are always there, whether its for late night walking, weekly trivia podcasts, trips to the ER, buying boxes of World's Finest Chocolates, or helping with renovations these guys are always there. So big up to Rosie Cotton, Squilky, Meatball, Cheecho, Wellen, and Jeff (who I don't have a funny nickname for).

For the Mets, wait what? No seriously, other than being something to look forward to just about every night at 7:05 during the Spring and Summer (well early summer until they collapse and become unwatchable), The Mets have brought me a new group of friends, all my pals from the Happy Recap. Yes the message board is a ghost town, but it livens up when the Mets are good. But THR is not about the board, its about a great group of fans who have become friends. I always call our annual outing Christmas in the summer time (can you believe we are actually on a winning streak). Those days sitting in a ball park, in sweltering heat or pouring rain are just the best. I can't wait for opening day, and I can't wait for the annual THR outing 2013, with EJ, Nick, Doc, Maria, Ray, Ryan, George, Bruce, Joe, Balmes, Dave and the rest of the gang and sometimes we are graced with the presence our FOONYAs JB, Luke, Miz and Carlos, and we are truly blessed when the "family" gets together.


Anonymous said...

We're not going with "Dirt" for Jeff anymore?


Mike said...

The podcast has been great. After Max and O were born, I felt like we talked less and less. So it's nice to chat and be silly for an hour or two every week or so.