A Week of Thanks -Day 5

This year for thanksgiving I will use this forum to give thanks to people and things that mean an awful lot to me.

For me, it is all about family. Without Ani, Nugget and Thor I would be lost. Yes there are times when I get frustrated with them, and I'm sure they are much more frustrated with me. But that is what family is about.

There is nothing like sitting around watching some Superhero Squad or Curious George while eating some breakfast. I love a lazy Saturday, bookstore, park, then Panera so much more than running around doing stuff. I am grateful for being able to take Thor to a Gymboree Open Gym and hearing his infectious giggle as I throw the giant ball at him. Or taking Nugget to gymnastics and while holding my hand as we walk she does a little skip. Cuddling on the love seat sharing an entamen's cake watching the Mindy Project late night with Ani after all our housework done. That is what family is about.

I only hope that I give as much back to them as they give to me every day.

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foodiechickie said...

We love you!!