My brother's family lives in the same building as we do and since they have two very small children (both younger than Thor) it is really nice to see the four kids interacting more like siblings than just cousins.

Thor and Baby Bacon rough house and fight like brothers. They also play cars and watch TV like brothers. While Nugget is so sweet to her little girl cousin (nickname to come). When Thor was born Nugget was barely over two years old, the concept of babies was still new to her.

Now at four she understands and always wants to see the baby and hold her hand. It is so sweet. I know there will be a short time when they can play together, but soon Nugget won't play with dolls or her super hero figures. And she won't want to do "babyish" things with her little cousin. And that will be sad, but eventually their four year difference in age will be irrelevant and hopefully they can be lifelong friends, just like Ax And Smash of Demolition (Thor and Baby Bacon).

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