Holiday Tips For Dad - part 3

Build your dollhouse before Christmas

I learned this the hard way. On my daughters second Christmas we got her a play kitchen. It is very nice it still gets use a few years later. I spent a long time on Christmas eve carefully wrapping the box. And then Christmas morning came and she was not impressed with the box. Kids are way less impressed with boxes than you would imagine, though they love playing in them. I would have been better off spending that time building the kitchen and putting a bow on it or loosely wrapping it so she could play with it immediately  Rather than me spending hours of Christmas Day building it, instead of spending time with her and my wife.

This year my little guy is getting a workbench, which will be built before he wakes up on Christmas morning.


Mike said...

A workbench and a kitchen? Wow that is pretty gender specific.

-Bad Mike-

foodiechickie said...

Both kids play with the kitchen. And Olivia has played with tools that Niel has received. And I am sure will also when the workbench is set up. Hope Daniel enjoys the kitchen Niel found him.