Holiday Tips for Dads - part 2

Make an army of shoppers

There is an old Latin phrase divide et impera  which roughly translates into Divide and Conquer. In dire situations that is your only option when searching for that perfect gift. Talk to your friends, particularly ones who are not local to you and don't have kids of the same age/gender as you do, they become a great ally in finding hard to find toys. You have an extra set of eyes, going into different Toys R Us, Targets, Walmarts etc, searching for the limited edition Princess Luna/Nightmare Moon gift set (fictional but that would be awesome), While you are looking for the Star Wars Angry Birds Han Solo in Carbonite figure (also fictional, but that too would be cool) for your friend.

If your friend, brother, ex-roommate, frat brother, etc finds your toy remember to man up. Pay them back quickly and send them a little something (remember they drove and used gas and possibly paid for parking while looking for this toy ). At the very least buy them a drink next time you are out at the bar.

Like Hillary Clinton once said "It takes a village to raise a child" sometimes it takes a village to find a hot toy.

Several days after writing this post I went to Target and found out 
that the Han Solo in Carbonite Angry Bird figure was not fictional.

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