Rant against "attachment parenting"

I read on CNN.com that Mayim Bialik and her husband of nine years have split. No big deal, but the article that I read mentions that they are claiming that their parenting style had nothing to do with their break-up.

They were big proponents of attachment parenting, and part of that philosophy is co-sleeping. Several months ago, I was in a doctor's office waiting room and the View was on, the guest was Mayim Bialik and she was explaining how her and her husband have two beds and sometimes they sleep in one bed with both of their kids, sometimes they sleep in separate beds splitting the kids. Usually when one is sick or particularly fussy.  But now because of a non-related issue those kids will not have the option to sleep in bed with dad when they are having a nightmare. Or are fussy, or a whole miriad of issues.

So now Ms. Bialik your choice is negatively effecting your children. I say your choice, because no guys actively campaign for co-sleeping. Children are like little hot water bottles that kick. As I was saying those children got used to having the option of going to either bed. Now that option is gone. She claims that they will work hard to set up two households for the kids, what if Dad wants the kids to have their own rooms, and they like it? How will she react when the kids don't want to sleep in her bed anymore. But I'm sure the better-than-you parent will push staying in her bed.

How about this for a scenario, lets say the dad continues the co-sleeping at his home, what happens if he gets a serious lady friend. Do you want your kids in bed with some floozy? And how does dad react with your start seeing a new stay over kind of guy.But that was never thought about before you subejected your kids to your alternative lifestyle, you had a choice  ... they didn't.

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