Holiday Tips for Dads - Part 5

Put up some lights

For many years we lived in an apartment. We decorated inside, but never put anything outward facing. But last year we were in a family owned building, I decided I would put up Christmas lights and my then three year old daughter said they were awesome. And from that moment I was hooked. This year I put up another modest though classy display (think lit garland banisters). But every time I look at it I know I can do more.

It was midnight the other day and I am climbing up the ladder to place a wreath on a fortunately located hook. As I climbed down, I knew I'd be going back up since the wreath really did need the lights installed in them. But when you are out buying lights for your home, remember that you want to make your home a joyous place with a pure holiday spirit, not just make your house brighter than everyone else on the block. By the way, when my lights are on we don't need to keep the porch light on.

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