Holiday Tips for Dads - Part 6

Dress Like Santa

Last year I got volunteered to dress as Santa for Nugget's class. I was very apprehensive, would I look convincing. Would Nugget see right through me? It went really good, it was really hot in the suit (that is why he lives in the North Pole) and when I was done it was such a relief. I remember sitting in the teachers break room without my wig and beard afterwards satisfied that it was a success.

I was asked to do it again this year and of course I said yes. You don't invest in a Santa suit to wear it once. But I knew I had to make improvements. I found a pair of my old prescription glasses, round gold rimmed glasses, a little more Santa esque than my every day  "David Cross-like" hipster glasses. And then I went looking for a better beard. The beard that came with the costume was ok, but not rich and full , so I found the beard pictured here. I think it looks way better, so will the fake fuzzy eyebrows.

So on the day before the one that , if you believe 10,000 year old Mayans, will be the last one of this earth I will be donning the velvet with fuzzy cuffs. I'll enjoy a McDonalds Egg Nog Shake, ring bells and hope that a very sharp and observant little girl doesn't recognize me. And assuming that the world doesn't end on 12/21/2012, I'll probably break out the suit again, so the little guy will see me as well. Its fun and people always smile when you see a Santa. Worth every penny.

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