More ... List of guys who can't date my daughter

Yes, she is four but I have to think for the future. A while ago I wrote a post about guys who are not allowed to date my daughter.

1. Guys who don't respect women - I know people like this and it makes me pretty sick. These guys are Michael Gross from Family Ties in public but are more Michael Gross in every Lifetime movie when they  don't think people are watching. So if you don't think women are your equal, stay the heck away from my daughter.

2. Abusers - This is very much on my mind as I think of the tragedy of last weekend in Kansas City. That incident had nothing to do with gun violence it had to do with domestic violence. That is unacceptable  The coward murderer (who will not be named here) had a daughter. But he abused a woman, basically saying to the world that abusing women is ok. I hope he doesn't have to see the same thing happening to his daughter as he burns in hell. I am not a violent man ... but there are things I know are unacceptable.  I am not saying that I have an axe like this one in my car. But one like this is very sharp and can be swung really hard and could lop off a man's hand like nothing. I am just saying.

3. Phonies - If you don't like me, don't pretend you do. Be respectful, but don't bull shit me. I will know, and I will assume that you are being a phony to my daughter. Which is not acceptable.

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