See ya 2012!

2012 kind of sucked too. But I am not going to throw it away like I wanted to do with 2011. I will focus on the positives. Nugget is speaking more than ever and is blossoming into even more of a  wonderful little girl. She is thoughtful, bright and just the sweetest thing ever. Thor is to quote Game of Thrones “the stallion that will mount the world.” So as you can imagine he is a little exhausting at times. But is also the nicest little guy ever.

Me and Mrs. GMIBP have had ups and downs, but mostly ups. Yes the situation here kind of sucks but we just have to get through it, together. I am sincerely sorry there will be no new episodes of Sherlock for a few years.

I’m not going through the whole litany, but everyone be nice to each other. Do 26 random acts of kindness this year (its only one very 2 weeks) and hopefully my New Years 2014 message won't have the word suck in the first line.

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