There are barely words ...

On more than one occasion this weekend I have found myself crying. I think a lot of people both near and far from Newtown Connecticut are feeling the same way.

On Friday when we first heard about the massacre my initial thoughts were anger about more gun violence. Angry that the NRA would claim this could have been stopped if more people had guns. But as they day went on, that anger turned to heartbreak.

Gone were my thoughts on how could anyone do this and more to how will the survivors and the families of the victims go on.

Several years ago I went to a funeral for a co-worker. A lovely twenty six year old. She had died in a preventable one car crash. I remember watching her dad and he was inconsolable. And it made me emotional trying to put myself in his shoes. She was a fully grown woman, who had lived a short but full life. Now the parents of those 20 six and seven year olds have to deal with that same loss of a child, but without the comfort of knowing the lived life.

I watched President Obama's address last night I lost it when he read off THR names of the victims. Names that could have been in any classroom anywhere. Those kids were dropped off to school and never got to go home. This morning I dropped off nugget and sat outside her school for a while. Just wanted to make sure I did something to keep her safe. I don't know.

ESPN's Mike &Mike said it best after the hurricane you could give money to help rebuild. But there is nothing that can be given to rebuild after this.

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Mike said...

The reading of the kids names was brutal. I don't know how he made it through the list without breaking down. The other thing that got to me last night was when the president mentioned the names of the teachers who had died and you could hear the family members in attendance just bawling uncontrollably. It makes it a little comforting knowing that the president is a compassionate man, who can relate to the situation since he is a father himself.