Do as I do ... not as I say (specifically what I say)

Deadspin has this great column called Funbag by Drew Magary, it is basically a Dear Abby for Deadspin readers. He is really funny and is a dad so he often answers questions about his kids that I really relate to. He posted a question in today's column that I am completely living right now.

What's the one thing you tell your kids the most that you yourself NEVER practice?It's gotta be "take little bites" right?

For me its the cursing. I remember before Nugget was born we tried to curb our cursing. We used silly words in places of curses. "LEARN TO FLIPPING DRIVE YOU FLIPPING CUPCAKE !" Its ridiculous. We then slowed down the cursing but it was still there. I think as the years have gone on we have become more lax. But Nugget isn't much of a curser, she'll drop something every now an then, but is totally into saying "boobies" and "cah-cah", those are things you pick up at school I guess. I can't imagine what a room full of twenty five 4 and 5 year olds saying that and laughing is like ... those teachers aren't paid enough.

On the other hand the little guy, is like a sailor. Two days ago Thor is playing baseball with me in the living room. Basically I am tossing a ball and he is swinging  At one point, he takes a huge cut a swing and miss. He tosses the bat down and yells "fuck!". Mrs. GMIBP shoots me a look. I raised my hands and said  I don't know where he got that, he's never seen me play softball. It wasn't the first time he has said that, and I know as a stay at home dad he hears me all day long.  We drive a lot and as I always say there are a lot of dumb people driving out there, who deserve to be cursed at.

We don't make the situation better, because it is very cute when the kids curse, just like the clip from Modern Family. I have to make a conscious effort to stop. While Thor is usually a good natured sweet little boy, but he has the worse temper (you are welcome son) and is going to drop F-bombs all over the place. He is smart and witty, so he should have a better vocabulary.

We are going to get phone calls from school next year.

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Funny clip you used.