Sick of being sick

This is not becoming a medical blog.

The sick train continues. This time it has hit nugget with full effect. Late on Sunday she threw up a little and was running warm, and then it continued on Monday (luckily she was off from school). She mostly lounged, sipped water and watched TV. Which seems pretty sweet, but you could see how rosy her cheeks were.

I went out to the gym, and she threw up yet again. So I turned back and we headed to the urgent care center. That place is great. Never crowded, always clean, and they are always so friendly and helpful. Turns out she is dehydrated and possibly has a nurovirus. So once she gets rehydrated I can look forward to diarrhea. Sweet.

Here is my problem, she is very reluctant to drink, and even more reluctant to drink a sweet drink. I fear if she doesn't drink up, I'm going to have to get her to the hospital she can get fluids that way. But no one wants that. Anyone have advice as to how I can get her to drink more?

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