"Well 2013 hasn't stated out as the most creative year ... but we are working on it."

Its Monday morning, Nugget has been dropped off at school. Mrs. GMIBP has left for work, and Thor is still sleeping being soothed by the sounds of rain on a continuous loop from my ipod. Normally by 830 he is up and about, but he is the last victim of the Great Moments in Stomach Virus 2013 event, and  woke up around three to throw up a little.

It all started Friday before I took Nugget to school, I was a little queasy, but I could fight through it. She told me her belly hurt, I thought she was faking, perhaps a tad constipated or was still a little hungry. And when we got to school I told her if she still felt bad to tell her teacher. She said OK and went inside. I drove back and as I was looking for parking, I get the call. She just threw up. So it begins. I rush back to get her, Mrs. GMIBP texts me that she isn't feeling good either.

We finally get back home, I load up on Gatorade and we all just vegetate for the next few hours. Naps were taken, people vomited more. It was a big mess. So our living room, which was being used as our quarantine zone was a huge mess, toys, cups, packs of wipe all strewn all over the place, not to mention a sink full of dishes in the kitchen. When Mrs. GMIBP made no attempt to clean I knew she was in bad shape.

By around 730, calm had settled in. Everyone made it into bed, so the healing could begin.Remarkably when I woke up the next morning Mrs. GMIBP was letting me know she was on the way to the gym and she had done all the cleaning. She woke up at like 3am and had all this energy. God Bless her. She then did two hours at the gym, I later on made it a whole fifteen minutes on the elliptical before I was too run down.

With the team seemingly back on its feet, we did our regular stuff, book store, Target, and watching stuff on Netflix in the car while the kids nap. As the weekend progressed Thor still has some diarrhea (some of it was really bad ... I'm talking automatic bath time bad) and a little vomitting, but that is also due in part to his cold. So the little trooper is the last one battling this foe. But he'll make it through.

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