Crappy parents can coach

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A Connecticut high school basketball coach was fired when he refused to resign. Why? Because the parents of a kid on the team thought their kid was being mistreated and found some short film he was in and pressured school officials to getting him removed.

There was no nudity or anything that would have gotten the film more than a R rating. So that is really not the issue, it is cowardice of the School officials cow-towing to (i'm guessing) wealthy and influential parents who have "perfect" kids who have never been in the wrong. By the way the names of the parents haven't been released so someone can look up what ever is in their closet.

Possible reasons their kid was being"treated badly"

  • Not a good player
  • Bad Attitude
  • Others were better than him
  • Spoiled brat who expects the world to cower to his every wishes

If the kid was legitimately being treated badly, get evidence of that and confront the coach and then the coaches boss. But finding some "salacious" piece of the coaches personal life is just wrong. If I were hired as the next coach, the first thing I do I cut that kid from the team. He clearly doesn't understand the team concept and if he doesn't like the amount of minutes he is getting, he goes running to mommy and daddy, who will start digging for skeletons.

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