time marches on

This past week we got a letter of recommendation from Nugget's school as we are trying to get a scholarship for next year. The letter was beautifully written. Not sure if it was a form letter that is edited with some facts about the child, but regardless me and Mrs. GMIBP both were a little choked up. It is really the beauty of being at a small school, your kid is not just a name. The teachers and the staff know your kids and you trust that they are looking out for them.

What struck me as odd was it mentioned that she would be in the class of 2022. Holy crap that is the future. But its actually not that long from now since its 2013. But wow. So I add that Thor will graduate 8th grade in 2024, I turn 50 that year. I'm having a panic attack thinking about it. But its not like the other parents in Nugget's class are not around our age so its not like we will be to very old parents as they grow up.

I recently read an article about older dads and how they are sometimes more stable and ready for the trials and tribulations. I was thinking when I'm 50 Thor will be just starting high school and Nugget will be a junior. Am I going to be able to keep up with them. Its hard to tell.

But there are risks about having kids that old. My worry about dealing with teens, while I'm in my 50s, is a lot different from the fear someone in their fifties must have dealing with a toddler or two. I tell you these kids are tough to handle now as a youngish person. Also there are health risks, as we break down as we get older. So I'm going to enjoy every minute I have with the kids. Hit the gym and try to eat better so I can stay healthy and strong for them.

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