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Dadspin - why your kids show sucks : Max and Ruby

I read this article on Deadspin about Max and Ruby, I swear the song is stuck in my head now. While the voice of the article is a a little in your face as always its right on point. Luckily this is not a show that my kids ask for anymore. Yes they will watch it, and Nugget likes singing the theme song, but we are past this show.

Currently we are watching Curious George (looking forward to seeing the CG exhibit at the Liberty Science Center), some Spiderman and His Amazing Friends, Super Hero Squad, My Little Ponies  Friendship is Magic and my favorite Word Girl.

The show is just phenomenal  I would watch it without the kids. If you haven't seen it it is about a young girl Becky Botsford and her monkey  Bob and their secret identities Word Girl and Captain Huggy Face. Word girl who has super strength and can fly also has the power of a huge vocabulary. She explains words to her comical band of villains and the other inhabitants of the city that she encounters. It is very good natured, its fun and Bob dances at the end of most episodes.

Word  Up!

What is cool is the show isn't to saccharine  and rather than push commercialism, it kind of mocks it as Becky/Word Girl never know about the new Word Girl products that her friends and family seem to buy, The show is also filled with familiar voices, such as Chris Parnell as the narrator, and Patton Oswald, Tom Kenny and Weird Al Yankovic playing some of Word Girl's foes.

Its a great show, its on PBS so your kids are actually learning something even if they don't realize it.

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