March Dadness 2013

The bracket is out! March Dadness is on! The top 16 tv dads face off in this single elimation tournament.

During the next week we will break down each contestant, until we crown a 2013 King of the TV dads.
The four lowest seeded dads are Home Improvement's Tim Taylor, Sons of Anarchy's Jax Teller, Up All Night's Chris Brinkley (mostly based on season two) and the Soprano's Tony Soprano- are probably the worst dads in the group. While Glee's Burt Hummell, Modern Family's Jay Pritchett, Arrested Development's Michael Bleuth and Who's The Boss' Tony Micelli are our strongest.

The rest of the field consists of the two seeds; Ben Sisco (Deep Space 9), Jason Seaver (Growing Pains), Mike Brady (Brady Bunch) and Uncle Phil (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air). And the threes, William Adama (Battle Star Galactica), Danny Tanner (Full House), Steven Keaton (Family Ties) and lastly Eddard 'Ned' Stark (Game of Thrones).

So this is my list, I excluded dads from shows I don't watch or didn't think of. I didn't add the other three dads from Modern Family because I didn't want it to be do cluttered with guys from that show. Perhaps if I expanded the field to 32. I didn't add Cliff Huxtable because who could beat him. FYI - Rick (walking dead) was the last guy out, you have to take away something from a guy who spawned Carl.

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