March Dadness -First Round (north region)

We will start in the north region of the tournament. Please vote for a dad in each match up.

Match up #1
Michael Bleuth (Arrested Development) - Michael is a widowed father to a teenage son George Michael and is a father figure to his extended family of brothers, sister and parents. He is both the prodigal son and prodigal father, as he returns to the Bleuth family as their insanity has brought them to the edge of ruin.

Chris Brinkley (Up All Night) -Chris is a former stay at home dad to an adorable toddler named Amy. The early part of the series showed him as the "stereotypical" dad who can't do anything right but as the show and character got into a grove he came into his own as a dad. In the second season he started a business and after an episode about missing being the baby's primary care giver his interactions with Amy are now very minimal.

Match Up #2
Uncle Phil (The Fresh Prince of Bel Air) - While Phillip Banks was a father on the show of a grown daughter, a teenage son and a preteen aged daughter, his true fatherhood interactions are with his nephew Will. The young ward was sent to live with his aunt and uncle after getting into some fights in his rough Philadelphia neighborhood. Obviously the comic devise of stuck up father (figure) versus free spirited son was a main part if the show, but Uncle Phil treated Will as his own son. He saw that Will had a much more similar upbringing to his own, than his own kids did. So there was a kinship between the two men. Uncle Phil was Will's dad as much as he was the father to Carlton or the others.

Steven Keaton (Family Ties) - Steven was the father of a teenaged boy (Alex) and girl (Malory), a preteen (Jennifer) and later in the series a preschooler (Andy). He was a ex-hippy turned ultra liberal manager of a local PBS station. He worked out of the home but he was a warm loving dad who was interested in the lives of his children. He and his wife Elise instilled a good sense of values into the children, they always ate meals together and the children's rebellions were never that drastic but Steven and Elise were always ready to forgive and accept their life choices. The main dad issue that came up was the reverse of Uncle Phil and Will, as Stevens eldest son was a buttoned up conservative while Steven was someone who had spent many years living in hippy communes. The two men disagreed on most things except about loving ones family.


Mike said...

Michael Bleuth

Phil Banks

foodiechickie said...
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foodiechickie said...

Michael Bleuth and Steven Keaton.

And heh "George Michael and father figure". LOL!