March Dadness -First round (southeast region)

This is the southeast region of the tournament. Just realized the funny connection in the first matchup.

Matchup #1
Tony Micelli (Who's the Boss) - A widowed father of a young tom boy daughter who took a job as a live in housekeeper for a divorced woman and her young son in Connecticut. As Tony grew accustomed to his new setting he became a father figure (and eventual step father) to her son Jonathan. He had to accept his daughter Samantha going from a tough street wise girl into a beautiful sophisticated young lady. He was a strong caring father and not only gave his daughter a better life, he bettered himself.

Tony Soprano (the Sopranos) - Yes Tony is a criminal, a drug addict, a cheater but he was a pretty good dad. His two kids Meadow and AJ were really no worse than their contemporaries whose dads are doctors and lawyers as opposed to mob bosses. He tried very hard to keep his children out of the family business. Despite giving an aura of being old school he was very modern in his parenting style.

Matchup #2
Mike Brady (The Brady Bunch) - Yet another widower. Architect Mike Brady was the son of three young boys when he met a divorcee named Carol who had three girls of her own. They got married and as the song said that this group became a family that's the way they became the Brady bunch. With the wide range of ages Mike got to give fatherly advice to kids a few years out of diapers up to college aged ones. He would sit with them and guide them in the way to figure out the right thing to do by themselves. To Mike Brady there was never a distinction between the boys and girls in his family. It was the first and most cohesive blended family ever on TV.

Ned Stark (A Game of Thrones) - In a world full of bad and dishonorable people. He was the only good man. The Lord of Winterfell and Hand of the King was a man of honor and loved all of his children Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran, Riccard and even Jon (his bastard) equally. He had these touching scenes with Jon before he went to the wall and with Arya as she struggled to find her place at King's Landing. But his influence on his two eldest sons is really deep. Robb went to war to right a wrong done to his family. And Jon protected the younger boys, in particular Sam, on the Wall because his father taught him that the powerful should never abuse the weak. Every other father shown on the show is a whore monger or a cruel unfeeling man. Unlike Ned Stark who didn't cheat on his beloved Cat, well he did that once. And he was warm and sensitive, being there for Sansa as she watched the cruel reality of the joust. Yes, Lord Stark should have been in the North region.

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