My Date With A Younger Woman

A few months ago we got a flyer in Nugget's school folder about a sweetheart dance for daughters and their dads. There is something about the way her school does things that evokes small town values, which is part of the reason we are willing to sacrifice other things so we can pay the tuition.

The original dance got snowed out when the blizzard hit New York in early February, and was rescheduled for early March. It was a cold and rainy night when we made our way to the school. The front of the school was filled with dads of all ages, and their princesses from three-year-old nursery schoolers to the teenagers in the seventh and eighth grades. We made our way in and got online for our photo. They handed every girl a small purse, a rose and a glow bracelet. We took our picture then went to find a table. Nugget found two of her classmates and had a great time playing with them. They boogied and used their flowers as fishing poles, swords and brooms.

What struck me was the girls of all ages were clearly hanging out with their friends, and dancing, or running around. There was no pressure to impress boys or be competitive with each other. It was nice. Most of the dads hung out on the outskirts of the dance floor taking pictures and letting their girls be girls.

We did some crafts and enjoyed some snacks. As the night went on Nugget was getting a little sleepy and when one of the slow songs they played was on it was more me holding her as she was a little upset about the slowness of the staff doing the raffles.

As the evening wound down we counted our raffle tickets and had soda. It was a good time. She fed me ice cream from the make-your-own-Sundae bar, since she doesn't eat sweets. If it were a make your own tomato or bacon bar, she'd be all over it. The little girl who had been freaking out about when the raffle would start so she could win, was perfectly content without winning any prizes.

We picked up our photo and headed home. By the time we got there I carried her into her room. She fell asleep in her ball gown, it was very sweet. It is very important to spend one on one time with your kids. They appreciate it and it's a memory that will last a lifetime.

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Mike Kraus said...

That sounds like an awesome evening!