Random thoughts

I haven't thought a lot about Disney in these past year or so, but it seems like a lot of episodes of Little Einsteins and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse that I made books based on, are airing. Just makes me think about good times, and not so much the bad times.

I filled out a NCAA bracket, I think I have Miami winning it all. I know nothing about college basketball.

Brian Williams on Alex Baldwin's podcast said some interesting things about people's self obsession and the diminishing relevance of the news. Such as why do we care about random people's take on world events and the minutiae of their lives. Hrrrumph! What do I know, I'm writing this blog and will be sending it out to my followers on Twitter.

There is this commercial on Disney Jr about princesses and it has little girls running around. Being girly and tough and a whole gamut of emotions. I cry like a baby every time.

In Westerlos "winter is coming".  In New York. "winter is staying".

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