Trains, Trains and more trains at the Transit Museum.

There is a switch that goes on in the heads of children I am convinced. All of a sudden at one point Nugget was completely into princesses. While Thor is now totally into trains (and buses). When the NYC dads group was having a meetup at the New York Transit Museum I knew we had to go.

A few months earlier we went to the NYTM annex in Grand Central for the train show, which was pretty awesome, so we were both expecting a lot. Ironically enough we drove there and we passed by the museum as we searched for parking. We walk back, well Thor was sitting in a stroller, I walked. And find the entrance to the museum is like a subway entrance. We headed down and we meet one of the other dads, whose name was Matt or Dan (I am so bad with names) along with his adorable daughter Lily. We kind of went our own ways since Thor is at an age where he wants, no needs, to touch everything, while his daughter is not yet there.

It was really fun, they had an exhibit on how they built the tunnels. A lot about electricity and circuits. A bunch of full sized bus drivers areas for the kids to sit in. And every style of turnstile from the beginning of the transit system.

When you explore further down, you find a fully working (and electrified) train tracks complete with trains. They had models of trains back to the 1930s. It was like using a time machine.

It's not the hugest museum. Though it may be NYCs largest completely subterranean museum. But it's fun, and if you have a kid who is totally into trains this is the place to be.

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