A great moment in good parenting.

Today we had an eagle court of honor for one of our scouts a really deserving young man. And despite all my anxiety of how the event would go .

Would anyone show up?
Would we have too much food?
Not enough?

It went great. People liked how it went and seemed both inspired and grateful. My big takeaway was a small moment that many people may not have seen or noticed that touched me. Right after the young man was awarded his Eagle Scout rank he pinned a eagle parent pin on his mom and dad. The scout's dad was overwhelmed with tears.

I know this scout's dad a little, as he is a frequent driver on our trips and such a great guy. He is stoic and serious, until he warms up to you and then you are pals for life. But to see him break down was a little surprising. His son overcame a lot to earn the rank. I know seeing your child do something they didn't think they could do makes any dad proud. I couldn't imagine what that moment was like for him. Soon after I went over to where my wife and kids were sitting, and said to my three year old "no pressure but that could be you in 13-15 years". And if it is meant to be, no doubt I'll be in tears myself, but I'm sure I'll react that way whenever he or my daughter achieve something they worked hard to accomplish.

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