Camp papa

So tomorrow is Nugget's Pre-K moving up ceremony. We are so proud of the kind of awesome little girl she has become. But that also means that Camp Papa begins for season three. It will be a slow start as I threw out my back on Sunday at the zoo.

Things I'd like to do this summer.

- Finish potty training
- Teach at least nugget how to ride a bike
- teach both to catch with a baseball glove
- Go to a Mets game
- Go camping
- use some of those kids bowl free coupons
- pick up more freelance work
- visit new parks and play in a park in every burrough.


Mike said...

There is a kid around the corner from us who is 6, almost 7 and he was still riding with training wheels. After seeing Max on his bike, it motivated him to take the training wheels off. Maybe when we come to NY, we'll bring Max's bike and the three of them can ride around up at Juniper. Kids seem to learn really quickly by watching other kids. And trying to teach the kids how to ride bikes by yourself might be too much for your back to handle ;-).

Mike said...

Oh and good luck with your camp papa goals list.

foodiechickie said...

Great idea. Yes please.