Game of Potties : a song of wet underwear and pants. The Bribe

The little guy has been much better with using the potty, though his accidents are still very frequent. But it doesn't seem as daunting, and small batches of laundry are so much easier to deal with.

So the little guy was sitting on the potty, doing his business, and a commercial for Chuck E Cheese comes on and he says he wants to go there. I think he's way to small to enjoy CEC yet, but he seems really fascinated by it. So I tell him that when he is fully potty trained we will go.

This is not the first time I used bribery as a tool for potty training. When I was training Nugget we went to Ikea and she really wanted to play in Smaland (I can't figure out how to make umlauts or the degree signs over letters) but you needed to be a certain height and out of diapers. Nugget was tall enough, but was still in pull-ups. She longingly looked at the kids jumping into the ball pit. But that ended up being one of the sparks to get her out of diapers.

After we got her trained, Mrs.GMIBP and I took a trip out to the Ikea in Brooklyn and with glee Nugget went in and played. It being the first time she lasted only 20 minutes because she was too scared to play. Now they practically have to drag her out.

So hopefully the idea of video games, skeeball, dudes in mice costumes and bad pizza is inspiration enough for Thor to be fully potty trained.


As an aside, I have a friend who says there are no accidents, I'll see what he says when his daughter starts potty training. "She peed on herself on purpose."

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