Game of Potties : a song of wet underwear and pants.

NOTE: I don't want to be one of those parents who is constantly talking about potty training online.

Two days ago Thor's potty training started in earnest. His last diaper came off and I put on a pair of Superman underwear on him. He was very resistant at first but seemed to like how they felt and liked the attention.

He sat on his potty but nothing. Well he enjoyed the M&Ms I gave him. But the potty remained dry as a desert.

I don't remember training Nugget being this difficult. Maybe I am just less confident, maybe he is more stubborn. Maybe boys are not as easy to train.

In his first full day, he got to try on a cadre of liscenced underwear. Batman, Aquaman, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Yo Gabba Gabba each one ended up in the hamper, in guessing that me and the lady at the laundry who doesn't speak English will become close friends.

People will say he's not ready. But he needs to be ready by September and I don't now how long this will take. I'm trying to do it with patience and humor, I set up a potty in the back of my SUV which I have him sit on.

So far he has only peed on himself. He pooped twice in the potty, which was awesome. And I found the restraint not to post the picture of his poop online. If anyone has any useful advice I welcome it, as a comment or email. Non-useful advice can be sent to

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