Kids in cardboard boxes

In sure by now many of you have read the story about Finnish babies sleeping in cardboard boxes on Facebook. It is pretty amazing that the government would have the foresight to do something like this.

While there is nothing like that here in the U.S. If there was it would be a political volleyball, with millionaires squabbling with other millionaires about who deserves to get one or why are we spending so much when they could do it them selves. It's too bad. The closest thing we have to that is companies (mostly diaper and formula companies with a sprinkled in entertainment company or two) will bid to get into hospitals to give new moms their sample pack.

But that is what having a baby is about here. Going to your baby superstores and registering for things you don't need. Do you know why people don't register for their second kid? It's not that they already have stuff, it's they know how much of that stuff is useless. Bottle sterilizer. Diaper warmer. Etc etc.

Perhaps we should take a hint from the Fins. Get the bare essentials for your baby and spend time bonding with them. Not worrying so much if decorative safety padding in the crib that matches everything else will actually suffocate your kid.

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