See ya spring

I'm spending the waning hours of Spring at Brooklyn's Children's Museum. The kids are playing in the water area, shooting the canons and playing with rubber narwhals. It has been a whirl wind first week of summer vacation, with my back issues still unresolved, with potty training being an issue and some new freelance work.

We started the week with back to back trips to The Water Works at Pier 6. Fathers day was insanely crowded, thankfully Mrs.GMIBP was there because I couldn't handle both kids myself that day. We also enjoyed a brisket hand pie from the farmers market. Monday was actually quite nice with just enough people there for the kids to have fun, but empty enough so I could control both of them.

In an attempt to keep our park times fresh I've decided try new parks as much as we can. Out first stop was The Jackson Pond playground in Forest Park. It was your run of the mill playground with lots of areas to climb and a dense forest around it to keep parts of the park well shaded, and no pond to be found anywhere. It was very uncrowded and the kids found other kids their age to play with. We spent as long as we could there before the sun got too hot.

While searching on Mommy Poppins I found the JJ Byrne playground in Park Slope. This park was amazing. Tons of climbing areas, for big kids, little kids and even a fenced off baby area, the clear separation helped to avoid run and fall incidents. To me and the kids the highlight was the water features. You had a canyon with a shallow side with sprinklers and a deeper side with burst of water. Upstream there was a water pump, which wasn't working. What was working were two water canons that you could aim at each other. We were all pretty drenched, the kids ate some McDs before falling asleep. And I had some Defontes. The big disappointment was the Superhero supply company was closed. Which was bad since I need a new cape.

While here at the BCM, Nugget had befriended a pink haired girl who like her can be described as an enthusiastic dancer.

The third of the new parks was Grover Cleveland Park, which was very underwhelming. But much nicer than I imagined it would based on its reputation. The equipment which was ample, was old and the place was filled with local school kids on extended recess. It was mayhem. We had much more fun playing hide and seek and superheroes, around the edge of the park. Happy Boy (me) and CupcakeBoy (Thor) took on Lightning Girl (Nugget). Overall it was a good time and I'll research some more new parks for the rest of the summer.


Mike said...

Grover Cleveland Park was underwhelming, much like the presidency of Grover Cleveland himself.

What's with the parks department obsession with cannons? Seems like someone there has watched Pirates of the Caribbean one too many times.

Mike said...

And as a side note, maybe potty training would be aided if you start instructing Niel to "fire" his cannon into the potty. Although that may lead to some unpleasant encounters at the park.