The American Baking Competition Recap 6/19/13 – Bread

After consecutive weeks of sweet confections the remaining contestants in the American Baking Competition take on breads. Will favorites Francine or Elaine continue their dominance? Who will be the toast of the competition and who ends up as crumbs?
With confidence levels at an all-time low among most of the remaining contestants as this marks the halfway mark of the competition and they all knew they were in for some of the stiffest judging so far as breads are what has made judge Paul Hollywood a heavyweight in the celebrity baking industry.
One of the more confident was Brian, who during the walk around portion of the Signature Bake portion asked to speak freely to the judges. He told them that his baking has been as good if not better than the rest of the competitors and that he would like to be Star Baker. The judges were a bit taken a back possibly because of Brain’s frankness and because of his very middle of the road baking thus far in the competition. While his baking has never been judged as the top it also hasn’t been near the bottom, so he does have consistency. Honestly it was a little refreshing, he wants to win (as should all the others) and he wanted to let it be known. He planted a seen in Paul and Marcella Valladolid’s head’s that he is a serious competitor and his baking should be looked at closely. Paul said “Humility is also something important in baking.”  MORE ...

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