Attack of the Hot Dogtopus!

Yesterday, in my effort to have fun summer days and create memories for Nugget and Thor I decided to make hot dog octopuses.

I saw the recipe somewhere online, so I can't take all the credit. They turned out to be fun to make. Fun to eat. And the team wants me to make them again. I have never done a recipe post so bare with me.

-Large pot of boiling water (salted as if you were making pasta)
- Some spaghetti
- Hot dogs (I actually used hillshire farms cheese filled turkey brats)
- Butter
- Parmesan cheese.

I put a pot of water to boil and cut the dogs in thirds, so you have nice big chunks. Then I took two pieces of spaghetti and snapped them in half. You take each piece of spaghetti and skewer the hot dog. Basically cross cross the four pieces, and there are your eight legs. It was so simple me and the little guy were able to do it. Though admittedly he really got into snapping the pasta.

Once they were all assembled we carefully put them in the water. They sink right to the bottom. And wait. I put a small frying pan over the pot as a cover and melted the butter and parmesan together for a nice simple sauce. Once the pasta was cooked, I poured the butter sauce on the kids plates. And plopped on some octopi (I did strain them gently) and my very picky kids loved them.

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