I miss you too little buddy

This afternoon my son's teacher told me that he asks for me all day long. She is constantly having to reassure him that I will be there to pick him up and if I could talk to him again to reassure him. I noted that he has been in a bad mood all week long but would talk to him.

I guess it is understandable that he misses me as he has spent most of his waking hours for the past two years with me. Big chunks of it just the two of us. Heck I miss him. When he started nursery school a few weeks ago, it was the first time someone not related to him has been in charge of him for any extended period of time.

My wife thinks that he is acting out because he is a little mad at me, but I am not sure what to do. I tell him that I am really close by. And that the teachers are our friends so he should trust them since me and his mom trust them. Does anyone have any good separation anxiety tips, for him ... and me.

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