I don't want to cry at the movies

The last few weeks my wife and I have gone on movie dates. We saw Rush (good and interesting story that would have made a much better book) and The Fifth Estate (was OK but the Cumberbatch dude is still a little weird looking and not as good as he was in Sherlock or Star Trek). As usual both movies had fifteen minutes of previews. When I see a preview I want to be pumped up and excited. Instead I'm practically in tears. That just isn't right. Two movies that really got to me were The Delivery Man and About Time.

The Delivery Man is about a guy who doesn't care about anything but himself and then changes. Basically every Vince Vaughn movie. Years earlier he had donated sperm and through some mistake it turns out he fathered 500 kids. This happens as he is losing his job and girlfriend. So he finds all these kids (many are high school and college aged) he can't contact them, but he tries to help each of them out. Giving them a moment of fatherly help and encouragement. There is a scene when he is yelling at some dude who checked out his "daughter's" rear on the street. And cheering for one son who is a street musician. All of a sudden I'm in tears.

The other movie, About Time, is a British movie (from the equally tear worthy Love Actually) about a man who finds out that the men in his family can travel in time. He relives and fixes days as well as he can. He goes back to spend time with his father after his death. He finds that there are things he can't change, and once altered change drastically if things don't go as originally intended. As I sit there tears are falling into an eight dollar bucket of popcorn.

It could be that I miss having interactions with my own father. Or that I want to make sure that my kids have wonderful thoughts and memories of me. It is probably a little bit of both, but I am pretty sure I don't want to drop $40-$50 to cry for nearly two hours. I'll probably wait till both are on inDemand.

* I think I just saw a kid fall out of a car seat.  And the mom just picked him up and threw him under her arm. Nice.


foodiechickie said...

Seriously not good in the Fifth Estate? He became Julian Assange. And is so not weird looking. You leave Benedict Cumberbatch alone! :)~

And I found Rush surprisingly sad.

foodiechickie said...

All kidding aside sweet post. And I was right there with you. Thanks for not mentioning that;)