Great moments in Great Parenting

I was watching Olberman on ESPN and it is really some of his best work. Intermixed with highlights, Olberman does commentary, interviews guests and has pre-packaged stories (very much like Real Sports on HBO). Tonight they did a story about St.Louis Rams center Scott Wells and his family. 

Wells and his wife had three biological children when they miscarried a set of twins at Thanksgiving. Still wanting to expand their family they looked into adoption. The agency they worked with found a young boy in Uganda. And they proceeded with the adoption, then it was discovered that that boy has a brother, the Wells' were prepared to adopt both boys when a sister was discovered. And without hesitation, they decided to adopt all three. 

They travelled to Uganda and several months later they returned to Tennessee with a family which has now doubled. Mr. Wells is a large large man with a thick beard and huge smile. He was giddy when he spoke about the prospect of a house full of grandchildren on the holidays in the future. 

In a time when seemingly all news coming out about NFL players seems to be bad, it is extremely refreshing to hear about a good guy who is doing something positive for his family. 

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