Last night I was talking with a friend whose wife is having a scheduled c-section this morning with their second child. And when we talked about it, he had the same feeling that I had when our son was born via c-section; having your wife go into labor is exciting and helps with the bonding process between dad and child.

The day my daughter was born, my wife went into labor at work (two days before the scheduled c-section). It was a rainy day, I was working in White Plains and didn't have my car with me that day. When I got the call, I set up my computer for the rest of my team to use while I was away. I told my boss and headed out. Luckily one of my co-workers drove me to the train station so I wouldn't have run the mile to the train in the rain. I was texting and calling all the family members. I rushed off the commuter train, got on the wrong subway. Which forced me to try to find a cab in the rain. When I made it to the hospital, my wife was on a hospital bed and getting ready for the baby to be born.

While when the little guy was born, it was a lot less exciting and much more clinical. We dropped off Nugget with her grandparents, and drove to the hospital. We parked and walked into the hospital, and waited. It was very clinical. Yes the operation was intense and holding him was just as emotional. But the bond took longer to happen.

Just to make it clear, these past three years have been extremely exciting with him.

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Mike said...

Natural labor is like washing your own car, while a c-section is like taking your car to a car wash. The end result is the same (clean car), but the experience of getting the car clean is not the same. It's all about the journey and not about the destination.