Bittersweet day

I don't think bittersweet is the right word for what is going on. Tonight I will pick up my mother-in-law at what is now her old house. It will be the last time any of us will ever be inside that house. 

I remember the first time I was there seventeen years ago. It was a bitterly cold New Years eve. My then girlfriend Mrs.GMIBP hadn't told her parents about me yet. It was frigidly cold and I took a bus out there just to see her for a few minutes. Months later I was inside the house and it felt like home. 

There were ups, my proposal to my then girlfriend. Early steps and words from both of our kids. Then there were downs. Arguments, disagreements and eventually watching my father-in-law quickly succumb to pancreatic cancer. I spent the last few months rennovating and then clearing out the house, and yes it was frustrating (too much to do and not enough support).

Despite giving up our keys and access, that small house on 66 ave will always be home. 

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