It's been slow. It's been busy.

At the half way point of the kids Christmas vacation and we are all still sane. Which is a good thing.  Not wanting to waste too much time away from the kids I'll give some highlights. 

- My best friend Jake Bohanon visited with his family and we spent my birthday bowling and playing at a McDonalds. It is always nice seeing them, but they live far and it's hard for us to get down there or for them to come up. 

- We had a series of great family meals. My birthday, Christmas eve, Christmas day lamb and rice and then Christmas day dinner. 

- My mom was finally released from the hospital on Monday.  She's feeling better and is adjusting to going to dialysis. 

- We have been lucky enough to host my mother in law and then brother in law at our place, before they head out of town this weekend. It's been tight but it's also been really nice for all of us. 

- By having those extra people in the house, my and Mrs. GMIBP have been able to go out on a few date nights. Sushi, some amazing BBQ at Fette Sau and to see Anchorman 2 (very funny). 

- We were blessed with a 70degree day so me and the kids hit the beach park down at Pier 6. When it hasn't been that nice we have gone to the NY Hall of Science, which the kids adore. 

So I'm going to get back to watching the Little Mermaid. 

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