Things I've noticed recently

- I know very little about "boys" toys. I'm much more informed about Disney Princesses, My Little Pony, and LaLaLoopsey. 

- On the subject of toys, what the heck is with Monster High? I just don't get it and I'm kind of frightened. If the makes of Monster High want to send me some of their merch to change my mind, please do. But I'll still be creeped out. 

- The snow storm that came through NYC over the weekend sure made my neighborhood look Christmasy. 

- The storm that came through yesterday made everything look icy. Come on people throw down some salt. 

- I still can't believe anyone would lay a finger on that angel Nigella Lawson.

- I have been without Mountain Dew for about three weeks now, and holy shit is caffeine withdrawal tough. 

-Laundromats are a great place to blog, just noisy enough to distract you. But quiet enough to think. 

- Since Game of Thrones came on the air it has become a lot more acceptable to kill a major character on a show. I'm afraid to watch Modern Family. 


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