Wall Street Moms Stay at Home Dads

“I’m staying at home, I do the dishes, I do the laundry, I do everything the housewife does. I’m just a dude.”

There was an article in Sunday's New York Times about how stay at home dads are helping their wives succeed (particularly in the finance industry). The story was well written and hit on a lot of points that I can relate to as a stay at home dad. 

The juxtaposition of these financial firms doing things for women in the workplace to fit in to a male dominated world, along side the loneliness of being a dad in a world of moms. Last year I was so relieved I wasn't the only dad at Mommy and Me, while I was always the only dad at Gymboree. The article touched on this about dads being excluded from things that stay at home moms do to make their days more manageable. I'm just saying I would have happily enjoyed Starbucks while the kids ran around Barnes and Nobels after Gymboree. It's nice to hang out with the other dads at the NYC Dads group and to see more dads picking up their kids at school (and now doing lunch and door duty).

I know it's a struggle for both parents, with a new normal forming. Personally it's  something my wife and I deal with everyday, and it's making us grow as people and parents. 

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