Game of Thrones: the Mini-Dadcation

It has been a rough few weeks, one with ups, downs and polar vortexes. Capped off with a big bill from the mechanic for new brakes and three new tires. Good times indeed. But there was a light at the end of the tunnel, Time Warner Cable was sponsoring this years Game of Thrones exhibit. And If there is an Iron Throne around ... I need to sit on it. 

Unlike last year, this was tied to an entire Time Warner experience. Which I thought would be lame, but turned out to be pretty cool. When you got inside, there were treats and much needed hot coffee courtesy of Cake Boss and lots of really enthusiastic Time Warner employees. 

We went up on the guided tour with Matt from Ohio who was very nice (kind of Disney tour guide nice). Our first stop was at a Tonight Show exhibit, promoting Jimmy Fallon's new gig as host, and honoring most of the past hosts as well. They had an interactive feature were you could take a picture with your favorite Tonight Show host ... Surprise surprise Conan O'Brien was not an option. But I asked anyway. #teamcoco. So I went with Jimmy. 

Next we checked out the Starz original show Black Sails, which is about pirates. There was a fake fight scene which was neat. There was a great exhibit based on the History Channel's Vikings, a show I kind of lost interest in. But I volunteered to be a Viking and I was costumed up and "filmed" a scene along with some other volunteers. 

And after a few other exhibits we made it up to the Game of Thrones exhibit. It was smaller than the one last time, but they made it perfect. There was a dragon flying over on of Dameyes' dresses. They had costume displays featuring Brieanne and Jaime (stump and all) and of the Hound and Arya. And of course they had an Iron Throne to sit upon, with photographers in costume to take your photo. 

There was an interactive climb The Wall display, which replaced the battle for Blackwater Bay display. It was ok, the VR goggles didn't fit great over my glasses, but I could see fine. I think they could improve it by blasting cold air in the booth and making the audio louder. That being said it was neat. 

A nice little mini-Dadcation for me. The exhibits are open all this week for Time Warner subscribers. If you can find your way there it's well worth it. 

This blog post is just my own experience I was not compensated in anyway by TWC or any of their affiliates. I couldn't even get a press credential for this, maybe next time. 

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