I'm not crying!

My kids have been obsessed with the two Despicable Me movies. They have become part of the daily rotation. We had seen the second one at the Drive-in this summer but never the first. 

When I sat through it the first time I had to leave the room when Gru reads the girls the story he wrote. Why is Steve Carrel's voice making me cry! I guess it's from becoming more sensitive over the years. But damn you! 

But that isn't the only thing that has gotten me sad recently. So here is a short list. 

- Field of Dreams. Only someone with no soul can avoid getting choked up when Kevin Costner asks the ghost of his dad to play catch. 

- Cat's Cradle. I heard this song recently in a doctors office and all I could think is my son better not blow me off like the son does at the end of the song. 

- Gina Carrano. Right after my daughter was born there was a UFC event on CBS, headlined by Kimbo Slice (who got knocked out) and Gina Carrano. When Gina won her bout her dad came into the octagon with her and they hugged and he was interviewed and I was in tears holding my then week old daughter. 

As a parent what moments in media bring you to tears. 

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