Call Mr.Beer that's my name, that name again is Mr.Beer. 

Years ago, Mrs.Gmibp and I received a Mr.Beer kit as a wedding or engagement gift. It is basically a home brew kit that I registered for on a lark. But we got it (and since she doesn't drink beer it was really just for me). Then for years it sat in closets and eventually in garages. 

But this being a year of trying new things I decided to make some beer. Having been unused for over a decade all the ingredients have long since expired so when I found some at Bed Bath and Beyond (I guess this qualifies as beyond) I picked it up and got ready to be a modern day Sam Adams (aka a brewer of substandard beer and patriot). Once the kids were down and dishes washed I started the setup. 

First you need to sanitize all the apparatus, good luck finding something large enough to submerge a plastic keg that holds two gallons of beer. Once that is done you need to boil water and add this booster packet which was some sort of sugar. Then to the boiling water you add the beer mixture and pour into the keg which should have cold water in it already. Then you top it off with cold water and you have what we brewers call Wort. And then you put it in a dark spot at room temperature and then wait a few weeks. Seems way too overly complicated. 

I promise I will never make fun of my wife for making something homemade which is easily bought at a store. Seriously who makes fresh mayonnaise. But then again I have lots of beer here in the house and I'm brewing beer that I hope will be drinkable. 

Anyone have any thoughts on what I should name it?

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